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Where is your life heading?

Do you have an answer? Do you like that answer?

You have a purpose, a place where your skills, passion, and sphere of influence meet. This purpose is unique and the world needs you to fulfill that purpose. And you need it to!

When you take a look at your life right now, what do you see? How does it make you feel? Are spending time trying to convince yourself that your life is alright, pushing aside the voice that screams "I'm uncomfortable!" Stop and listen for a moment.

You are taking the first step to open your eyes to the reality around you. You are on a path with fog all around and you have been wandering trying to find your way. I want you to know the fog can be cleared and you can find and move in the direction or your purpose.

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Morning Fog

Exploratory Session

Take your next step and start to clear the fog around you. In this session we will talk about what coaching is and isn't and how you can make the most of the programs I offer.

My Direction


When have you felt the most fulfilled in your life? For me it was the summer of 2007, working with youth in a coaching role (though it wasn't called that). Over that summer, I was challenged in new ways as I focused 100% on helping the teens work through their struggles. I knew I wanted the kind of challenge that stokes transformation in other people.

A year later I was torn with going to get my masters or just trying to find a job doing what I thought I wanted to do. The job search faltered and I ended up at Starbucks. I didn't know it then, but I wasn't grounded in my purpose and began seeking various interests to rediscover my purpose.

Ten years later the world was shaken and I used the pandemic to reground myself. In this process, I realized I had forgotten what fulfilled me (do you remember from the beginning?). I shifted my priorities and actions to realign with what fulfills me by becoming a certified life coach. I can now bring the best of me to the world around me.

That brings me here, offering my skills, experience, and passion to the world around me. What brings you here?

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